Invisible Progressive Aligners

Invisible Touch System

The continuing need for good aesthetics in social life is becoming increasingly important. Awareness of pleasure increases self-esteem and facilitates interpersonal relationships. Very often the desire to achieve a harmonious smile is discouraged by proposals for therapies that involve the use of unsightly metal elements.


The ' Transparent Choice '

ITS is a system that involves the use of invisible progressive aligners for the resolution of various types of malocclusion. The method consists of a series of removable orthodontic devices (Aligners), in completely transparent plastic material. The aligners are made to measure for a specific patient and allow a gradual and progressive movement of the teeth up to the destination programmed in the design phase. In practice, each aligner has certain information on the movement of each individual tooth.

3D Patient BEFORE and AFTER

Patient Photo BEFORE and AFTER

How Does Invisible Touch System Work?

It uses three-dimensional graphics software that processes the dynamics of dental movements. Each aligner represents a step of the designed sequence.

The Smiles of your Patients in the foreground

ITS aligners have an exceptional transparency with a remarkable aesthetic result. The margins are perfectly rounded thanks to a particular post-production process. All aligners are laser marked with the patient’s name and progressive number and the marking is indelible. In addition, a 3D viewer allows you to share the treatment plan with the patient.

Advantages in comparison with other methods

Perfectly invisible at conversation distance

Removable, for a correct and daily oral hygiene

It does not irritate the gums, compared to orthodontic appliances made of wire

Hypoallergenic, due to the total absence of metal

Removable during meals, so as not to change your eating habits

No encumbrance compared to multi-attachment techniques with a lingual approach

No discomfort or interference in speaking

Significant saving in chair time

You can start early ... and it's never too late

Exceptional transparency of the material, excellent fitting and perfect retention for maximum patient comfort. With ITS aligners, the time spent in the chair is considerably reduced, maintaining maximum control of tooth movement.